Helping Those in Crisis ... Compassionate Touch is here to assist financially the less fortunate who find themselves or their family members in the grip of a health crisis. Health Care is the number one topic in America today and no matter how hard anyone tries there are always those who have need. Today, you can provide a room for someone sleeping on the floor or in a lobby, or a meal, parking money, gas or assist with incidental expenses. If you have uncertainties, go to your local hospital and look around! God Bless you for your help AWARENESS PROGRAM

Welcome to Compassionate Touch, Inc. We began as a humanitarian outreach program in June of 1997. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit program which provides short term emergency funding (primarily for hotels, food, or parking) to patients and their families who find themselves stranded without financial resources. Assistance to patients is provided through social work department in select Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth & Central Texas area hospitals.

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Who is Compassionate Touch?
Who is Compassionate Touch?



Compassionate Touch

Social Workers
Assess the needs of the patient and help determine if the patient qualifies for funding. The program assists patients and families in need without regard to their illness/injury, ethnic background or religious preferences.
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Can feel at ease to know that 95% of the money donated to the Compassionate Touch program goes to the patients in need. Funds come from caring individuals, corporations, foundations, and faith groups.
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