Additional Resources

Kid’s Links & Support Groups

Kid’s Home at NCI:A web page just for kids with cancer sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Here kids can share their art work, stories and poems. This site has some things for parents too.

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance: is a non-profit 501C3 children’s charity organized to provide emotional, educational, and practical assistance to children with cancer and their families treated at the Texas Medical Center and/or reside in thirteen counties of the greater Houston area. All programs and services are provided at no cost to families.Childhood Leukemia Center: This Center has been created especially for parents and others caring for a child with leukemia or other cancer.

Children’s Miracle Network: Every year Children’s Miracle Network helps over 12 million children. By supporting 170 premiere children’s hospitals in North America, CMN gives kids a chance they might not get any other way

Growth House “Helping Children with Serious Illness and Grief”: The Growth House Web Page is an international gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life issues. Their topic pages will link you to sites around the world that meet their “best of the net” review standards that include both content and presentation. They have also added valuable pain management links.

Home Care Guide: A guide to caring for children with cancer at home.

Make-a-Wish Foundation of America: Fulfilling the wishes of children with serious illnesses.

Onkolink´s Kid’s Corner: A special section of the outstanding Oncolink site provided by the University Of Pennsylvania. Includes content on helping children and their families cope with cancer, children’s artwork, a “Kemo Shark” cartoon book to help children understand chemotherapy, e-mail lists specifically for children with or affected by cancer, and other great features. The site is well-integrated with the rest of the extensive Oncolink content. Includes links to related web sites with a focus on pediatric oncology.

Children’s Oncology Group: The merger of the four pediatric oncology cooperative groups in 2000– the Children’s Cancer Group, the Pediatric Oncology Group, Wilms Tumor Study Group, and the Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Group– resulted in a single NCI-sponsored network of pediatric oncology researchers and hospitals. Hospitals throughout the US, the UK, and European coordinate clinical research studies on new treatments in childhood cancer.

The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) is expected to provide a more efficient organization to determine the safety and efficacy of new treatments for childhood cancer. Please note that clinical trials are listed in the NCI and NIH databases as POG, CCG, and COG trials.
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Foundation for the Children’s Oncology Group: Foundation for the Children’s Oncology Group is a non-profit organization which supports pediatric cancer treatment and research projects at over 115 of the most prestigious pediatric medical institutions in the U.S., Canada and Australia. This network of 2800 pediatric cancer specialists is called the Children’s Cancer Group (CCG).

CancerNet: A cooperative research organization based in the United States. Founded in 1955, it’s highest scientific priority is to transition new biological research findings into clinical trials to benefit children with cancer. Members include over 2,500 pediatric cancer specialists located at over 115 pediatric medical centers in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Web site includes links to other cooperative oncology groups, cancer directories, clinical trial information, and resources for kids affected by serious illness. Talking With Your Child About Cancer:

The Never-Ending Squirrel Tale: This web site is for the parent´s of kids with cancer. It offers them practical tips, encouragement, and information, as well as many links to other sites. “A wonderful source for HOSPITAL SURVIVAL techniques, developed by a mother to assist others in their journey through cancer treatment. A very fun and informative site for parents of hospitalized child.”

The Sunshine Kids: is a national, non-profit, volunteer organization established by Rhoda Tomasco in March, 1982, in Houston, Texas. They are funded by contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Sunshine Kids are not affiliated with any one hospital, but strive to provide programs designed for children in hospitals across the United States.