What We Do

Mission Statement

Compassionate Touch exists to ease the burden of those who find themselves in financial crisis due to serious illness or the illness of a loved one.


Everyday people enter the health care system with medical emergencies.  Many times the circumstances of their illness or the illness of a loved one propel them into financial crises.

Overnight or extended treatment often finds patients and caregivers with no plan or funds for the added expenses of lodging, food or transportation. All too often, they end up skipping meals, sleeping in waiting rooms or even in their cars.

In these dire times, when good people are at their most vulnerable, Compassionate Touch provides an emergency response to financial needs.


Compassionate Touch was created to fill a gap in need. There is no other place for people to go for these immediate financial necessities during a medical emergency.By working directly with social services within each hospital to provide assistance, Compassionate Touch responds to requests quickly.

As long as funds are available, emergency short-term funding is provided predominantly for hotels, food, parking or travel expenses until other agencies fill long-term needs.Assistance is provided irrespective of race, gender, type of disease or injury, age, ethnicity, geographical origin or religious preference.

Support is available generally on a one-time per year per patient basis.  Amounts are allocated in conjunction with the social worker on a case-by-case basis.


In 1997, with six hospitals, Compassionate Touch began helping families in serious health crisis. Over time we’ve expanded to 35 hospitals and service areas and now the need for financial partners is greater than ever.

Compassionate Touch serves hospitals in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and Temple.

Assistance requests are exceeding current funding supply.  Many months, the assistance budget is expended by the 10th day of the month.

Over 80% of each dollar entrusted to Compassionate Touch is given in direct aid.

Compassionate Touch has a broad base of supporters: individuals, foundations, organizations, corporations and churches.

The call for assistance with hospitalized patients is ongoing.  We need your help no matter how great or small.

2016 Funding Percentages