Who We Are

Our Staff:

Rosa Winfrey
Director, Compassionate Touch Program
Phone: 713-524-1971
Email: rwinfrey@compassionatetouch.org

Erica Marlin
Compassionate Touch Assistant
Phone: 713-524-1971
Email: emarlin@compassionatetouch.org

Dr. Virgil Fry
Executive Director of Compassionate Touch
Houston, Dallas, Central Texas & Tarrant County
Phone: 713-524-1055
Email: virgfry@aol.com

Charles Hix
Director of Development – Southern Region
Phone: 713-524-1055
Email: chix@lifelinechaplaincy.org

Auxiliary Staff: Denise Cummings, Lynn Ball & Susan Giaruso

Advisory board members:

Rosa Winfrey
Board Chairperson (Director of Compassionate Touch)

Terry Aven

Terry Aven
“I want to continue the mission started by Marie Banister … a mentor, friend & inspiration.” Terry Aven

Irby Bair
AD Players, Director of Development

Irby Bair
“The ministry and mission of Compassionate Touch has been such a blessing for our community.
Houston has the largest medical center in the world, and, I am in awe of the lives that this organization
touches in such meaningful and diverse ways. I am honored to be a part of a “team” that works to
serve the many needs of individuals and families that benefit from this unique and vital organization.” Irby Bair

Jerry Courington
Senior Accountant (Retired); Volunteer

Jerry Courington
“When I first started working with Compassionate Touch, I read all the patient stories but had to stop because they were so overwhelming. The need is so great, yet to many patients it’s like a cool sip of water.” Jerry Courington

Delores Hendrix-Giles
LCSW, BCD, CPG; Michael E. DeBakey VAMC

Delores Giles
“I am so proud to be a member of the Compassionate Touch Advisory Board. As a social worker, I have been witness to the invaluable assistance that is provided by this agency for many in times of distress.
I am honored to be a part of an organization whose mission it is to provide support and meaningful assistance to those who need it most.” Delores Hendrix-Giles

Penelope Loughhead, LCSW, CCTSW
Memorial Hermann-TMC (Transplant Social Worker)

Penelope Loughhead
“There is no other group who helps our parents like Compassionate Touch does. So, when Rosa invited me to join the advisory board, I was delighted … to help pay back to the wonderful organization that gives so much!” Penelope Loughhead

Jayanti Patel
Owner, EconoLodge-Medical Center

Jayanti Patel
“Compassionate Touch and I have the same spirit of kindness – I have the utmost confidence in this organization.” Jay Patel

James Roberson
Minister; Development Board Member

James Roberson
“Having been associated with Lifeline Chaplaincy for over 20 years, I knew first hand of the wonderful work of Compassionate Touch. I was honored when asked to serve on this board.” James Roberson